Save Your CEO was an omnichannel video-driven brand-awareness campaign produced for Ramp Holdings Inc.

To this day, it remains one of the most memorable and high-profile media projects I’ve had the pleasure of leading.


I was tasked with pitching a video driven brand awareness campaign for Ramp around the idea of our products saving CEOs from embarassement due to inferior video broadcast software. 

To secure board approval, I created a pitch deck outlining my vision for the campaign.



With board approval secured, I set to work developing the concept further, concepting and writing the script for a series of broadcast quality commerical spots.


Besides securing John O’Hurley in the titular role of the CEO, I managed a robust casting process to secure top-tier local talent to portray the employees.


From planning the shots, to set design and construction, to the catering to feed the crew, every detail needs to be accounted for, necesitating meticulous planning.


With all of the planning and pre-production completed it was time to execute.

In the role of director I lead a cast of top-tier talent and a crew of film industry veterans through two shooting days, capturing the footage neceserry for multiple commericals, event promos, and voiceovers.



Digital Banners

Digital Banners

Print Ads


Ramp Innovations

The #SaveYour CEO campaign launched at Ramp Innovations, a multi-day customer event held at the InterContinental Boston. 

I was a co-producer of the event, leading the teams involved with creative and art direction, as well as the team responsible for live-streaming the keynotes and sessions.


The campaign, along with Ramp Innovations, ultimately lead to the successful acquisition of Ramp’s Media Industry Business Unit by Cxense ASA to the tune of $10mm, while racking up over 85,000 views on Ramp’s Save Your CEO YouTube channel.

Video Views
1000 +
Ramp Media Sale Price
$ 10000000