Video Production

Save Your CEO was an omnichannel video-driven brand-awareness campaign produced for Ramp Holdings Inc.

To this day, it remains one of the most memorable and high-profile media projects I’ve had the pleasure of leading.

I was honored that my production company was selected by ABC’s The Chew as their go-to local crew for the Greater Boston Area across multiple episodes and seasons of the show. In addition to my role as Director of Photography, I was also responsible for providing production gear and additional crew for the shoots.

B2B Video Production

Video Production is a leading communications method for business to business communication. It’s also one of the primary genres of video I produce. Click below to see my B2B Video Production Portfolio.

One of my latest B2B Video Productions


Show Reel

This is the show reel for my video production company. For the productions shown here I produced these videos along with my team.

Cinematography Reel

This is my personal cinematography reel, from projects where I acted as Director of Photography.

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